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  • Interested in our services? Learn more about Us.

  • Interested in our services? Learn more about Us.

  • Interested in our services? Learn more about Us.

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What we offer

01 Photography - Portraits, Event Photoshoots
02 Graphic Design - Posters, Flyers, Social Media posts, banners
03 Videography - Promotion videos, Video analytics, Product demos
The process

How does it work?

This only applies to personal photos. For other requests, check out our Services page and contact us.

01 / Booking

To book a photoshoot, please visit our Services page and select the "Personal picture, portrait" option. A detailed form will appear. As you complete it, the total cost will automatically update to reflect any additional services you choose. Once finished, simply click the "Submit" button to complete your request.

02 / Consultation

The order form requires you to provide two contact methods: your Facebrowser profile and a phone number. We will use one of these methods to reach you and discuss your needs in more detail, and to schedule an appointment if necessary.

03 / Photoshoot

You will be paired with one of our talented photographers. Alternatively, if you chose a specific, prefered photographer in your form, they will handle your request. Sessions typically range from a concise ten minutes to a more comprehensive experience lasting several hours.

04 / Your picture

We are committed to delivering your edited photos within a timeframe of seven business days. In some cases, we may be able to complete them even faster, within one day. Once your photos are ready, we will notify you and provide you with clear instructions for final payment.

Our Team

Nora Bennett

Nora Bennett

Founder & CEO
Alejandro Alvarez

Alejandro Alvarez

Production Manager
Stephen Polsinelli

Stephen Polsinelli

Lead Photographer
Alisa Belova

Alisa Belova

Effy Meadows

Effy Meadows

Iris Rahbar

Iris Rahbar

Graphic Designer

Black & White





Capture the moment




Join us

Photography is about capturing a moment in time
freezing it in a frame
and sharing it with the world. Light stopped. Story shared. World connected.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To book a photoshoot or any other service, visit our website at Silver Square Creations. Click on the “Place order” button or go to the Services page. After choosing the service that meets your needs, you’ll find a form where you can provide all the necessary information. For any special order, we recommend to text us through Email.

The overall turnaround time for services, including editing, typically ranges from one to seven days, depending on the current order volume. It may be more in case of videography. We strive to work efficiently, but if you need priority, there’s an option for expedited service. You’ll see this while filling out our form.

Our photographers work in similar styles, ensuring consistent quality. Additionally, we offer a self-improvement course for our employees to enhance their skills. You can explore our photographers’ portfolios at Silver Square Creations Portfolio. If you prefer a specific photographer, extra charges may apply.

You can pay when your order is ready. You can find more information in our Terms & Conditions document.

Both parties have the option to cancel an order. Silver Square Creations may also refuse to work with someone to avoid conflicts of interest. If a client cancels after the pictures have been completed, an additional fee will apply. Further details are outlined in our Terms & Conditions document.

If you’re genuinely interested in joining our team, share examples of your previous work, portfolio, and resume. We’d be happy to discuss your candidacy further. Stay informed by following our Facebrowser page, check out our About Us page. 

((We would like to keep our interactions as RP-heavy as possible. However, we understand that there may be times when this isn't feasible. We're always strive for RP, which typically takes at least 10-15 minutes, depending on your needs. However, if challenges arise, we can always discuss alternative solutions.))

((Due to IC, we'll assume that you have an existing selfie photo and only require editing. The price remains the same, simply select the 'Personal picture, portrait' option on the Services page and mention "selfie editing" in the additional notes section.))

Want to know more about photography, graphic design or anything else which is related to our area? Follow our blog.

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We cannot say it enough. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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Graphic Design
(Currently available: Posters, flyers)
Before placing your order, it is highly recommended that you read our Terms & Conditions document and FAQ section.

Check out our Portfolio.
Graphic Design
Personal Picture, Portrait
Before placing your order, it is highly recommended that you read our Terms & Conditions document and FAQ section.

Check out our Portfolio.
Personal pictures, portraits

Commissions are currently not available for this service.
Please come back later.